March 25, 2009

Giant Birthday Cake

So this picture doesn't do the size of this cake justice! This was by far the biggest cake that I have ever made. It was made from a 14' pan and was double layered. White cake with Cherry Filling and a YUMMY frosting on the bottom. It fed the whole department of about 50 people with cake to spare! I think it turned out just right. I made this a few months ago and thought I would post it for fun.. Enjoy!

March 18, 2009

Polish Wedding!

Congrats Eugene & Magda on your wedding today! I had a blast making your cake.

March 13, 2009

Pregnant Belly Cake

It's a BOY!

So my friend at work is having a baby show and of course I was asked to make a cake.. I willingly accepted the challenge. I've wanted an excuse to have a go at this type of cake. The inside is a chocolate with raspberry filling YUM!! The fondant was a little dry because of the coloring? Not sure... however it worked out well :) I'm starting to really love fondant!

March 11, 2009

The Pearl Cake

I made this cake using a yummy fondant I learned how to make. It was my first go at fondant and I think it turned out reasonably well. The inside I used white cake and lemon (per request of the buyer). I also used an edible pearl shimmer to finish off the whole "pearl cake" look. What do you think!?


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