March 25, 2009

Giant Birthday Cake

So this picture doesn't do the size of this cake justice! This was by far the biggest cake that I have ever made. It was made from a 14' pan and was double layered. White cake with Cherry Filling and a YUMMY frosting on the bottom. It fed the whole department of about 50 people with cake to spare! I think it turned out just right. I made this a few months ago and thought I would post it for fun.. Enjoy!


TheBaumanns said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to see that you do cakes!! Have you ever done a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" themed cake? I'm having that theme for my 30th Birthday in August and want a cake that looks just like a Tiffany & Co. box...ribbon and all. Think you could do it??

*sheri donnelson-baumann (mtc, in case you don't remember me!!)

em said...

These are so adorable! Since when did you know how to make cakes, though! ;0 ha ha you'd think after all these years of being friends, i would have known this abt. you! ;)


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