April 30, 2009

Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake

 Happy Birthday Lucky!

I know the cake was a success from this picture alone :)

I had the best time making this fun cupcake party for Lucky's Birthday! This was my first try at a large cupcake cake and I have fallen in love with how it all turned out. The inside of the cake was a strawberry cream cheese filling that I made using pure strawberry jam with no added sugars. I'm kinda weird about feeding kids sugar at such a young age so I really tried to make her cake "kid friendly" by using minimal oil and hardly any sugar. Overall it really kept its flavor and was Lucky's favorite.. and that's what counts! As long as the birthday girl is happy then we are all happy.

The cupcakes included:
French Vanilla Cake with honey cream cheese filling
Fudgy Chocolate Cake with strawberry cream cheese filling
Strawberry Cake with chocolate moose filling

*Special thanks to Tiff for taking pics for me! I was in such a rush that I didn't have a chance to take any pictures of the finished product for you all to see!
So.. see below for your viewing enjoyment..
Thanks again Tiffy xoxox


Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan!

I somehow found your blog and I love love love your cakes! I have a cake lady but she lives down in Provo and I live in Woods Cross so it is not very convenient. My mom is having her birthday on May 21st and I was really hoping that I could get you to do a cake for me. Let me know. My email is morganf13@hotmail.com. Talk to you soon!!
Morgan Whiting Frampton

Gailey Family said...

I found your blog and I am looking for someone to do a birthday cake or my sons 2nd birthday on May 30th. Can you please contact me so I would talk to you a little more about it? My email is tessagailey@hotmail.com


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