September 28, 2010

The Best Hi Hat Cupcakes

 Who's Excited for a New Cupcake?! I am I am!!  Here you have it.. Hi-Hat Cupcakes.  To start off bake however many cupcakes with whatever cake mix you want.  My chosen beauty for today was a classic red velvet cake that I used to make some MINI cupcakes.. their just so dang adorable!  Then, to create the masterpiece you must carefully mix egg whites, sugar, vanilla & almond extract over simmering water until the temp slowly rises to 160 degrees.. in addition, there will be stiff peaks forming.
 This batch is ready to rock n roll.. Next you quickly pile it into a piping bag and start creating your white mountains of joy!  I tried to get some of them very high.. It was pretty fun :)
 Don't they just look so fun?!  Since this was my first try they all came out very different.  Like I always say... practice makes perfect!
 Ta-da! Mini adorable Hi-Hat cupcake ready to be dipped.
I had some of the topping left over so I decided to be creative and just make some "hats" they were very much like a fluffier divinity.  YUM!  I could eat these all day without the cake :)
 Next to the dipping... I tried to find a good container to dip with and my ice cream dish was the best I could do.. and you know what!? It worked perfect!
 Finished Beauties! What do you think? wanna try one?
 Some didn't make the cut, I ran out of chocolate so I tried the drizzle method :)  Looks cute but they don't keep very well if they aren't dipped. 
 I know you wanna peek! Here's the inside..I used a butter knife so it's not the cleanest cut.. but you get the idea.
 I even Almond-Joyified some of them by adding some coconut.  Double Yum. 
Wanna bite!?  Sorry.. this one's been eaten :)   What do you think? Is this recipe a keeper?
Recipe found on Martha Stewart or in my Recipe Link at the top of my blog.  Enjoy!

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Aly said...

Talk about amazing! Everything looks amazing and perfect! You can tell you are pro!


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