January 17, 2010

Mint Ice Cream Cake

SO yes.. I am guilty of neglecting my husband sometimes when I am a busy baker. However, after I forgot to make him the Mint Ice Cream cake he asked for on his Birthday last year I felt that this year I could make up for that! We decided to take a trip to NYC for his b-day and so staying at my friend's home posed a little different for the kitchen extravaganza this cake would take. SO... I made a dark chocolate-chocolate chip cake the night before we left for NYC. We brought it with us, found some mint ice cream at the grocery store and one cold hand later... I did it! My first Mint Ice Cream Cake! I think it turned out quite Delicious!! It may not be the most beautiful cake ever but it was probably one of the YUMMIEST Delights ever! Happy Birthday Sweetheart... hope this one made up for the one you didn't get last year xoxox

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