February 28, 2010

Frog Birthday Cake

They had a service auction at church so I auctioned off a custom cake! My fist attempt at making fondant in humidity was HORRIBLE! I might have to retire... after a few hours of trying the little guy came out great but it wasn't without some serious effort. Maybe I'll make cakes again when I'm back in Utah :)

Here's a bit of my process... after carving him the crum coat frosting began. Then I had to freeze him so he could keep his shape and then once frozen I put him on the already made pond which was dark choc cake with raspberry cream cheese filling with a lily pad on top. I usually don't like to freeze cakes however I was nervous he was going to fall apart. I had to work fast! :)

And after some careful gum paste work we have the... Final Product... a happy friendly frog! What do you think!? I painted him with water to give him and the lily pad a "wet" look like he had just gotten out of the pond.. looking back I should have just painted one or the other.. With all the little hang ups I think this guy turned out fun none-the less :) Enjoy! xoxo

1 comment:

Kenny and Angie Scott said...

Morgan this is awesome. Love to have you do a dessert/s for the reunion. That is if you are planning on being there and if we can fit you in our budget? You can tell what's on my mind 24/7! Any chance of getting a discount?


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