October 1, 2010

Apple Blossom Cake

Baby shower cake for Liz

  Since it will be her second baby and I was given full creative domain over the style, I decided to make a non-traditional baby shower cake.  Her "theme" for this baby is apples.  It's starting to feel like fall and apple spice cider smells are in the air... so I decided what better cake than an adorable apple blossom with one apple on top to represent her new little "apple" that's due any week now!

 I made a simple white fondant box cake base and scored the top to give it a tree bark look.  To give it the full effect I added gumpaste branches and handmade little blossoms.  I also dusted the blossoms with pink shimmer to give them a fresh look.  I kept the background of the cake white so it as to showcase the flowers and Oh so important baby apple! 

 I also added extra branches on the back side.
 Chillin in the library...shhh

I need to mention that this was an apple spice cake.  Yes, YUM!  I used a spice cake recipe and added carrots, apple sauce and apple chunks with a sweet cream cheese frosting filling.  The apple melded in very nicely and it was one moist decadent dessert.

Congrats Liz! I can't wait to meet your new little one when she decides to come!


Unknown said...

That looks beautiful and tasty!

Brett + Kristin said...

You are amazing!! Please make me a cake sometime!!! They look soo YUMMY!


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